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* Minimum Age to Join: 14
* Rewards: Cash via PayPal o
* Minimum Required for Redemption: $25
* Regions of Participation: International

Surveyhead Panel Information
Surveyhead is an online survey panel is a product of the United Sample Network, a company that provides online sample services to the market research community. United Sample was founded in March, 2008 by Matt Dusig and Gregg Lavin, who were previously the Co-founders of goZing.com. They owned and operated goZing from 1999 until 2005, when they sold goZing for $30 million in cash to a public competitor. They then founded UnitedSample in March 2008.

How to Earn Money with Surveyhead

1. Get started by joining the Survey Panel and completing your profile surveys.
2. Be sure to complete your profiles as this will qualify you for more paid survey opportunities, and you can add a little extra cash to your balance for completing them.
3. After joining you can find information on current studies by checking your email, or preferably by logging into the member's area.
4. Surveyhead has a unique feature in the member's area that will actually calculate your odds for qualifying for a survey based on your profile. Plus you are given the estimated time to complete the survey and the incentive offered. This allows you to make an informed decision on the surveys that you will want to attempt.

Payment Terms

* $25 minimum required to request your earnings
* Payments are sent via a PayPal or you can choose from a selection of gift cards
* It usually takes up to 4 weeks for a request to be processed and sent to your PayPal account.

Presently it is one of the best survey panel :
paid well 2$ up to 5$
send a lot of surveys to complete
good customer service
5$ to sign up
they pay very fast less than 4 weeks

How to register

Link to register


Things You'll Need:

* Computer
* Online/Internet Access
* Email Address
* Real Name/Address
* Honest Opinions
* Time

Step 1
The first step you're going to want to take to successfully make money online with SurveyHead is to register with the company. Registering with SurveyHead is an easy task to accomplish. Simply navigate to SurveyHead's home page, click the registration form at the top of the site and proceed to give the required sign-up information. You're going to need to use your real name/address/date of birth, etc. when signing up with this particular GPT (get paid to) take survey company online. You're also going to need to have a legitimate email address as surveys are sent out regularly through or to an active email account. Signing up with SurveyHead is currently free.

Step 2
The most important step in securing that you make the most amount of money possible with SurveyHead is by confirming your email address. A confirmation email will be sent to your personal email address. Click the confirmation link and you will have successfully registered with SurveyHead.

Step 3
To make money online with SurveyHead you are going to want to take as many surveys as possible. SurveyHead will regularly send out surveys that fit your certain demographics to your active email address, yet many people don't know that they also leave surveys on your live SurveyHead account dashboard as well. Regularly checking your email and your SurveyHead member dashboard for new and exciting survey offers will allow you the greatest opportunity tomake money online with SurveyHead.

Step 4
Be honest when taking surveys with SurveyHead. If you want to successfully keep making money online with SurveyHead then you are most definitely going to need to be as honest as possible. Never lie when taking a survey as this could cause you to lose out on a survey opportunity or worse you could even get kicked off or banned from the SurveyHead site/company altogether. Always being honest with your opinion(s) is an easy, important way tomake money online with SurveyHead.

Step 5
Registering, confirming your account or email address, regularly checking both your email account and your SurveyHead member dashboard account and always being honest with your opinion(s) are the best steps to follow if you truly want tomake money online with SurveyHead.